Teachers Teaching Tech (aka T3) is a partnership between America Campaign and Technology & Innovation in Education who were selected as Code.org Regional Partners to bring no cost computer science professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers to Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Our partnership is tasked with providing professional development opportunities for public school teachers so they can bring computer science into the classroom. These professional development opportunities are offered at little or no cost to teachers, schools, and school districts.

Code.org has 3 different courses: Computer Science Fundamentals (K – 6), Computer Science Discoveries (6 – 10) and AP Computer Science Principles (9 – 12). More details about these courses can be found in the PDF’s below or detailed curriculum can be found online here: https://code.org/educate

We are actively recruiting schools & teachers who would be interested in teaching the elementary, middle OR high school curriculum in the upcoming academic year. That is the main requirement to be eligible for this no-cost training offered.

Elementary teacher PD is done in state on the weekends. Please check our schedule for upcoming training dates. Middle & High school teacher PD is held each summer.  Please sign up for our newsletter or apply today!